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Indonesian horror in spotlight with PC launch of Pamali

What do you know about Indonesian folklore horror? Chances are, unless you've had some firsthand experience with the region and its culture, the answer is probably "not much." But that's about to change with the release of Pamali, a first-person 3D horror anthology that has debuted on Steam with the first of four installments, "The White Lady."

In this opening series installment, players will "venture through an abandoned Indonesian residence as Jaka, who has just returned to his hometown to sell his old family home." While exploring and interacting closely with the sprawling manor and its surrounding environs searching for insight into the family's history, your decisions will be crucial on the way to one of multiple possible endings, as "each choice you make has an impact on the experience and ending you see."

While each planned story will present its own distinct scenario, all four promise to incorporate "authentic Indonesian day-to-day activities, cultural phenomena, myths, and taboos which shape the horror itself." As indie developer StoryTale Studios believes that "traditional Indonesian horror shouldn’t be Westernized, Pamali strives to provide players with the authentic Indonesian horror experience." Towards this end, during replays you can continue to search for collectibles items that further flesh out the lore behind the game.

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror is available now on Steam for Windows PC. For now only "The White Lady" is included, but the remaining installments – "The Tied Corpse", "The Little Devil", and "The Hungry Witch" – will be launched throughout 2019 as DLC episodes.

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