Sane sets very logical goal on Kickstarter

UPDATE: Since time of writing, the Kickstarter for Sane has been suspended due to copyright dispute. The game's future should be considered in doubt unless otherwise notified.

In gaming terms, at least, being in your right mind isn't all it's cracked up to be. Reality comes with all the pressures and responsibilities and troubles we're all familiar with, but the world of imagination raises whole new possibilities for escape. Such is the choice between two worlds that players will have to face in LTS Interactive's upcoming Sane

The game is set in France in the aftermath of World War I, to which young Ameliè lost both of her parents. Now an orphan, Ameliè is brought to a "distant relative’s mansion where she is supposed to start living from now on." As she begins to explore her new home, however, "strange things start to happen and Ameliè will either have to face reality or choose to get lost in her own little wonderland." 

Described as a "semi-open world third-person adventure game," Sane thrusts players into the role of a girl who "avoids reality by making up fantastical friends, imagining incredible environments and is constantly on the brink of breaking down." You can freely explore the gorgeous rural estate and its surrounding forests and caves, even as they become "warped by Ameliè's mind." An attic, for example, "can become an overgrown ruin with floating islands or an underground cave might feature giant tears of water held in place by big roots." At certain important times, "the player enters Ameliè's mind completely, reliving past experiences and overcoming her trauma step by step."

Along the way there are two types of characters to interact with: the humans who take the little protagonist in, each with "their own agendas and desires," as well as imaginary characters consisting of "talking animals, hybrid creatures and furniture." Ameliè has no special abilities of her own, so her relationships with others will be crucial in order to open up new avenues of exploration. In time, she will also learn to take control of a beetle in order to "fly to otherwise unreachable locations." Choices play an important role as well, as puzzles "adapt to your playstyle" and "small details might change the outcome and gameplay options available drastically."

Sane is currently on track for completion by the end of 2019, but in order to help finance its remaining production, the indie Mexican developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise approximately $2500 (US) by January 16th. The campaign page includes a lengthy gameplay video showing off some of the beautiful 3D environments in action. 

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Sane is a semi open world third person adventure game with the focus on puzzles and exploration.

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