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Sol705 campaign

Gap between sequels filled with Schizm 3 announcement

It's been nearly two decades since we last tore our hair out at the deviously challenging puzzles of Detalion's Schizm and its sequel (also known as Mysterious Journey). Now, however, from the department of better-late-than-never comes the unexpected announcement of a brand new game in the Polish developer's series. 

In Schizm 3: Nemezis, Amia and Bogard are tourists on the beautiful planet of Argilus, hoping for an enjoyable and relaxing rest. Unfortunately, their idyllic vacation is interrupted when they encounter various unexplained dangerous phenomena across two parallel dimensions of this world. Rumors abound of a machine called the “Fist of Nemezis”, which is capable of retoring peace. It is now up to you to "save yourself and your companion by overcoming the threat that is destroying this planet."

This franchise was always known for its striking 3D environments, and the first screenshots and trailer unveiled confirm that the new game is no exception. As with its predecessors, gameplay promises to be a non-linear "mix of adventure and puzzles in beautiful scenes with dark elements." Players will alternate between the two different protagonists and dimensions, solving puzzles and "overcoming obstacles created by residents [to] uncover more and more secrets of this world." As a visitor to this planet, thankfully you have been "equipped with an electronic guide, whose help may turn out to be crucial in difficult situations."

There is no firm release date just yet, but Schizm 3: Nemezis will be published by PlayWay and is coming soon to Steam for Windows PC.

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