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Carol Reed’s The Fall of April coming in January

You'd think Sweden was the murder capital of the world the way new mysteries keep popping up for Carol Reed. The amateur sleuth is back at it again early next year in her 14th point-and-click adventure, The Fall of April.

This time around, Carol "agrees to help a friend of a friend, Andrea, who has suffered a temporary drug induced memory loss." Andrea's daughter was killed two years earlier, and the murderer never caught. Now, however, Carol's investigations curiously turn up "close links to a Swedish Arctic balloon expedition carried out in 1915." 

As with its predecessors, the new game will feature a collection of still photographs of scenic Swedish locations, which players will explore though traditional first-person slideshow-style controls. Series fans will feel right at home but newcomers are welcome, as "there is absolutely no need to have played any of the previous Carol Reed games to fully enjoy The Fall of April," and a full interactive tutorial will be available, along with a journal tracking your objectives and a hint system when more help is needed.

The Fall of April will be released on Windows and Mac as a digital download exclusively from the developer's website in January 2019. 

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