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Chook & Sosig preparing to Walk the Plank in 2019

The worlds of tabletop role-playing games depend largely on the imagination of its players. Fortunately for us, just such a world is being brought vividly to life in the upcoming comic point-and-click adventure Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank.

Chook & Sosig are not your average adventure game duo. The former is a “ghostly chicken,” while the latter is a lanky, "wobbly spaghetti cat" and former child star. Controlling Sosig and role-playing pirates with a group of equally "weird pals," players will be taken on a journey through "the world of the game within the game, bouncing from tabletop chatter to pirate coves, goblin islands, cultist caves and more." Along the way you will "seek fabled treasures, solve puzzles, wear dashing hats, and who knows what else."

The first screenshots and trailer show off the charming hand-drawn graphics and "delightfully detailed cartoon-inspired animation" within the seaside environments you’ll get to explore. You’ll encounter plenty of "surreal humor" to keep you amused, meeting a variety of "oddball characters" in your travels made up of "a cheeky group of friends playing several different roles." Gameplay promises to be traditional point-and-click adventure fare, with "puzzles aplenty to solve" on your way to one of several different possible endings. After all, "if treasure and unimaginable riches doesn’t sound like a lofty enough goal, you could always overthrow the local sea deity and be worshipped as a god!"

The creation of solo New Zealand developer TookiPalooki, Walk the Plank is the first full-fledged commercial adventure for the titular pair following a number of popular freeware titles such as A Case of Murder, Hit the Club and Long Weekend, which can still be downloaded on itch.io. There is no firm release date just yet for the new game, though it is expected to launch sometime in 2019 on Windows and Mac.

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