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Terror in the Atomic Desert coming in January

Along with sock-hops, drive-ins and rock-and-roll, the 1950s were also synonymous with cheesy horror flicks. Sixty years later, along comes indie developer TensionSplice's Terror in the Atomic Desert, a first-person "homage" to those low-budget monster B movies of yesteryear.

As its suitably on-the-nose title would suggest, Terror in the Atomic Desert strands players along Route 66 in a detour that "quickly turns into a nightmare as local tales of a deadly race of radioactive beast men turn out to be more fact than myth!" In a roadside town where "sinister creations of a mad scientist run amok," naturally the "future of planet Earth is at stake" and you are the only one who can end the madness. To do so, you'll need to outsmart the "evil Dr. Arcturis as you race to put a stop to his dastardly experiments. Will you have what it takes to stop Earth from falling into the fiendish clutches of the saucer men from outer space?"

Touting itself as "the first game ever to be presented in TERRORAMAVISION," the adventure plays out in realtime, first-person 3D environments that can be traversed both on foot and by car. As you explore, you will "uncover lore and interact with local characters" as well as "solve puzzles, evade monsters and match wits with local characters as the choices you make will lead to one of many possible endings." The first gameplay footage shows off some of the in-game action we can expect.

If you're up for a little creature feature adventuring, there isn't much longer to wait, as Terror in the Atomic Desert is due to be released on Steam for Windows PC on January 31, 2019.

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