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The ENIGMA MACHINE cracked open on Windows and Mac

Way back in 1982, Tron took viewers inside the simulated world of a mainframe computer gone awry. Technology has come a long way since then, but in THE ENIGMA MACHINE, gamers can once again explore a virtual world of modern mechanics, this time inside the "mind" of an android with artificial intelligence.

Players control a new recruit of THE ENIGMA® CORPORATION being trained in the "DREAMSCAPE terminal interface," which allows you to explore the mind of an AI as represented by an interactive 3D environment. This is only a simulation, but you must beware that "DREAMSCAPE is a reflection of an AI's mental state, and that exploring the mind of a contaminated AI could yield unpredictable results." Surely, though, nothing will go wrong... right?

Described as a "short first-person sci-fi horror puzzle game" that is "framed within an increasingly unsettling presentation," THE ENIGMA MACHINE promises a "unique fusion of glitchy mid-'90s 3D graphics and VHS effects with more modern graphical effects for a distinctive visual style." Combining free-roaoming first-person controls with point-and-click mechanics, the game confronts players with "a series of puzzles which force you to think outside the box." If the trailer is any indication, you should probably also expect a little danger at some point during its projected 60-90 minutes of play time. 

Released on Windows and Mac last month on itch.io, as of today THE ENIGMA MACHINE is available on Steam as well.


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ENIGMA TECHNOLOGIES invites you to delve into the mind of an AI.

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