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First details illuminate She and the Light Bearer

The season of poetry seems to be upon us. Hot on the heels of Haiku Adventure's announcement comes word of another "interactive poetic experience," this time in the form of Mojiken Studio's She and the Light Bearer.

In this game, The Little Firefly has been entrusted with the responsibility to "seek The Mother, slumbering deep inside the heart of the unknown forest," who will "decide the fate of the forest" when awoken. Within the woods you will "meet silly creatures, listen to serene folk musics, and discover its somber secrets." In order to reach your final destination, however, players will also need to "prove their worth by solving riddles, challenges, and puzzles" along the way. Only by doing so can the tiny luminous protagonist "learn the sacrifice of the forest, the horror of the Devourer, and the secret to awaken Mother."

Described by its Indonesian developer as "a blend of a music album and point-and-click adventure that borrows its aesthetics from storybook and fairytale," She and the Light Bearer features a charming hand-drawn presentation and instrumental acoustic soundtrack intended to convey "feelings of warmth, joy and whimsy" throughout its "heartwarming" tale. 

The complete game is currently on track to release on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux in the first quarter of 2019. However, you can get your first taste already, as a playable (Windows-only) demo is available there now. You can also learn more about the game through its official website.

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