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Announcement details offer first glimpse of The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

Fairy tales warn us to beware wolves in sheep's clothing, so to speak, but what if the wolf just really wants to help correct a fateful mistake? Such is the basis for the upcoming fantasy side-scrolling adventure, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.

When a young prince hears a lovely song, he sets out to find its singer, unaware that the voice belongs to a lonely wolf. Unfortunately, "upon finding its source, the prince inadvertently startles the wolf, who blinds him by accident." Now helpless, the prince is locked away so the wolf feels compassion and "seeks to free him and restore his sight." In order to do that, however, she agrees to give up her singing voice in exchange for the ability to become a human princess. Together the two must "embark on a dangerous journey to bring the prince to the witch of the forest and heal his eyesight."

This "haunting fairy tale of love and loss" is presented in a true storybook hand-drawn aesthetic, but don't let its beauty fool you, as "the forest is home to a number of hostile creatures intent on ending your journey prematurely, as well as hazardous traps that put the prince in danger." You are able to transform between the wolf and princess at will, and "various obstacles will require the wolf's strength, and others will require the princess's wit." Along the way, you can also collect petals, each of which contains a "fragment of memories shared by the wolf and the prince."

In order to play The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince when it's released at the end of March 2019, you'll need either a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. For those who do, the game will be available in standard form or a deluxe "Storybook Editon" containing the soundtrack CD, hardcover art book, and collector's box while supplies last exclusively at the online NIS America store

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