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Announcement details make sense of The Irrational World of Damien

The disappearance of one's mother is bound to take an emotional toll on anyone. But in indie developer Ruben Pereira's upcoming point-and-click adventure The Irrational World of Damien, players will get a say in just what kind of person you wish to be in your desperate quest to find her.

The titular star is an "incredibly smart and creative kid that doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions." Badly shaken – as any child would be – when his mother "left the house one night and never returned," Damien decides to "venture out into the unknown" to search for her with the help of his cute glow-in-the-dark plush dinosaur named Shiny. In traversing a variety of locations, from "cities, to forests, to otherworldly locations and your worst nightmares," you'll soon discover that this "bizarre, strange and lifeless" world "isn’t very friendly towards anyone or anything."

Presented in a hand-drawn, simple black-and-white aesthetic, the game includes traditional adventuring fare such as exploration, item interaction and puzzle-solving, with Shiny serving as an in-game hint system when necessary. However, there will also be some less-common elements like a "karma system" and "personality files." By talking to other characters you can "learn what they like, what they dislike and how they feel about certain things," which can be used to your advantage in making choices that "will make them either like you or despise you." Making enemies comes with a price, however, as there are four different types of opponents to face, and "all of them behave differently and have their own unique quirks." Some promise to be "more aggressive than others," and in such cases you'll want to seek out one of the many hiding places available. 

There is currently no firm release date for The Irrational World of Damien, but the game is on track for release on Windows, Mac and Linux sometime in 2020, with mobile ports to follow. 

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