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Blind Souls unveiled for March 2019 release

Paintings live on long after their creators are deceased, but what if an artist dies mysteriously before finishing her greatest work and only you can help put her soul to rest? This is the premise behind indie developer Ator Neba's upcoming first-person adventure, Blind Souls.

During the medieval era, a "nameless painter" lost her life while still working on her final masterpiece, somewhat forebodingly entitled "Lifeless Canvas." Now, following in her footsteps, you must track down clues to the "mysterious events" surrounding her death, as only you can "bring back the content of that painting by searching through her memories using a magical magnifying glass." 

Blind Souls allows players to freely roam its beautiful 3D environments that span a wide variety of relaxing locations, as teased in the first screenshots and trailer released. Accompanying your travels is "professional voice narration" that gradually reveals an "emotional and poetic story." While challenge isn't the main focus of the experience, there will also be some "light puzzle solving" to accomplish along the way. 

The game is not far off now, so we can look forward to Blind Souls being released on Steam in March 2019 for Windows PC.

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