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Lovecraft Quest – A Comix Game fulfilled

The works of H.P. Lovecraft continue to be more popular than ever, at least among video game designers. The latest such adventure invokes the name of the "master of the horror genre" himself, in the form of OGUREC APPS's Lovecraft Quest – A Comix Game.

The game sees you stranded and alone on a remote island following a shipwreck. What's worse is that the only path before you leads to "the dungeons of the Temple of Nameless Cults." With no other option, you must venture in to uncover the mystery of a structure "built at the dawn of time for worshiping Outer Gods." You don't know "what terrible secrets and beasts are hidden in the labyrinths of this Temple," but along the way you will need to avoid deadly traps, solve puzzles, and flee fast from "Lovecraftian horrors," including "the lord of the Deep Ones – Dagon, the servant of the Ancients – Shoggoth and, perhaps, Cthulhu himself!" 

Presented like a hand-drawn graphic novel, you'll do more than just click through the pages of this interactive adventure. Players will encounter a combination of "good old 2D point-and-click quests and reaction mini-games" to overcome, and every decision matters, often made under duress as you are forced to "decide quickly and choose the appropriate variant of your actions." The paths you take promise to lead to one of five different endings, "almost all of them" involving certain death, as "each careless step may become the last." Adding even more uncertainty is the fact that the game "widely uses random events and procedural generation" to keep you always on your toes.

Lovecraft Quest – A Comix Game actually released under the radar recently for Windows, Mac and Linux on itch.io, iOS devices on the App Store and Android on Google Play. However, as of now the game is available on Steam as well.

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