Surreal adventure Reality Falls set to land next year

The Eurasian steppe may not be your first idea for an adventure-filled vacation, but that's exactly where players will be heading in indie developer Lewis Denby's upcoming Reality Falls

Players control a restless young man named Adrian Watts on a "journey of a lifetime" that takes him to a most unlikely destination, a "dusty, dilapidated town on the former Soviet steppe." There you will meet a diverse "collection of oddballs and misfits, all yearning for something different. But something strange lurks within the curiously named Reality Falls." As you explore, you will begin to "discover the town’s fascinating history, and unravel the surreal and unsettling tale that begins to unfold."

Developed by the co-creator of Richard & Alice, Reality Falls features the same retro JRPG-style presentation as its predecessor, as seen in the first screenshots and trailer released. But also like the previous game, the experience here isn't about stats and combat, but rather a fusion of "intricate storytelling with classic point-and-click puzzles" as the protagonist "finds himself embroiled in a strange and surreal plot that threatens the very existence of Reality Falls itself."

While the PC release on Steam won't happen until sometime in 2019, those who register on the official website within the next week will be eligible for an exclusive sneak peek in the form of a "30-ish-minute" alpha demo coming soon.

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