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Bad Dream reaches Fever pitch on Steam

After a game called Bad Dream: Coma, a sequel called Bad Dream: Fever doesn't sound quite so ominous does it? Well, don't be so sure, as the sepia-toned first-person puzzle series returns today with a surreal new installment.

While plot details are intentionally vague, players will once again find themselves trapped in a bizarre, often disturbing world with a "feverish climate." This time around, the world has been "taken over by an ink plague that killed almost all the residents." In this unusual abstract environment, the best approach to overcoming the many obstacles in your path is to "keep an open mind" and think outside the box.

As with its predecessor, Fever is presented in raw, hand-sketched artwork with minimal use of colour. While no prior knowledge of Coma is needed, the sequel promises to retain key features such as a "focus on creativity and unconventionality," along with some new surprises, both "in terms of the story and the construction of puzzles." The entire experience isn't meant to be a long one, with an expected play time of about four hours in total.

If the thought of a surreal new puzzler gets you flush with excitement, then brace yourself because Bad Dream: Coma is already here, released today on Steam for Windows and Mac.

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