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Leprechaun Shadow steps into the light with announcement details

The world of Artovya is rapidly expanding. Hot on the heels of Unicorn Dungeon and Poltergeist Treasure comes word from indie developer Stand Off Software of a brand new adventure in the magical fantasy realm called Leprechaun Shadow

As with its predecessors, the new game follows the exploits of Sir Typhil of Creulor. In a standalone story that can be enjoyed without any prior knowledge of the series, this time around the brave knight finds himself "entangled in the troubles of Yorkwen City, and must investigate the ongoing murders which also involve rutabaga thefts." With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the story promises "a parody of the film noir genre set in a medieval town with a diverse population of fantasy creatures."  

While Leprechaun Shadow is part-traditional adventure featuring "a lot of questioning of witnesses, looking for clues and other detective work," it also includes a significant role-playing element in which "Typhil will have to wander the world and fight creatures along the way in turn-based classical RPG style." This involves leveling up the knight's skills as well as the ability to "choose from several companions who can accompany Typhil through this section, each of which have their own abilities and skills."

There is no firm launch date scheduled yet for Leprechaun Shadow, but it's not far off, with a target release on Windows and Linux planned for February 2019 on Steam, itch.io and Game Jolt. 

Details on Leprechaun Shadow

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