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Journey of Omno leads through Kickstarter

Usually expansive, beautiful 3D worlds are the exclusive domain of big-budget titles, but indie German developer Jonas Manke of Studio Inkyfox hopes to finish creating Omno for a whole lot less, though the game will still need some crowdfunding help to complete.

Omno is an "atmospheric adventure about a journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders." In a land "filled with puzzles, platforming challenges and hidden secrets," players possess a magic staff that is "the key to powering forgotten relics" and allows them to "dash lighting fast across platforms, glide over land, sail above the clouds and more."

The early screenshots and trailer show off some of the breathtaking environments that promise to take players "through lush forests, across a sun blasted desert, over a frigid tundra," and even into the sky. Throughout your travels, there will be "creatures great and small to observe and interact with – shy rock-like crabs, helpful turtles, maybe even a friendly dinosaur to ride?" 

A character animator for the last decade in both games and film, Manke has been working on Omno on his own, but in order to "support the last stretch of development," he has taken to Kickstarter to raise €32,000 by December 4th. If all goes well, we could see the game released on PC as early as September 2019. To learn more about the game, drop by the official website for additional details.

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