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PRIM gets proper introduction with announcement details

The Land of the Dead has already been host to one outstanding classic (perhaps you've heard of Grim Fandango?), but CMMN CLRS is hoping there is plenty more enjoyment to be found in the afterlife in the indie German developer's upcoming "creepy-but-cute" point-and-click adventure PRIM.

In PRIM, the witty and creative but lonely and clumsy eponymous heroine is not just dead, she's the daughter of Death himself. Every night she experiences the same dream in which "an oddly familiar human boy cries out for her help." Prim yearns to help the boy, but her father forbids her from entering the Realm of the Living for fear that "she’s not ready for the immense power she’d develop there." Like any willful child, this just makes her more determined than ever. Unfortunately for Prim, after tricking her father to get to Earth, she soon discovers that he was right all along. 

Despite the seemingly macabre subject matter, PRIM promises plenty of LucasArts-style "self-reflective" humour to lighten the mood. Through its simple one-click interface, the game allows alternating between the Land of the Dead and the Realm of the Living, each presented in a distinctive, "Tim Burtony" 2D black-and-white art style by Mexican comic artist Oskar Alvarado. The hand-drawn, full HD backgrounds are accompanied by professional voice acting and an "epic, orchestral soundtrack" throughout a journey that challenges players to "solve puzzles, meet restless souls and finally uncover a carefully-hidden secret" along the way.

PRIM marks the developer's first commercial project, but they are no strangers to the genre, having previously released a number of freeware titles including The Diary of a Roadie and Sidekick High. While waiting for the new game's launch on Windows and Mac sometime in 2019, you can follow its progress through the official website.

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