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Sol705 campaign

The Land of the Seazogs about to emerge on Steam

The future sure looks a whole lot like our 8-bit past in indie developer Manel García's upcoming The Land of the Seazogs, a very old-school adventure that "combines fantasy, suspense and mystery with touches of humor."

The game tells the story of Professor Meme, a "renowned 164-year-old genetic scientist, who receives a mysterious call for help from his old friend Gustav, the head of the animal research base on Zerulia, an inhospitable planet inhabited by ancient aquatic creatures: the Seazogs." As Meme begins to investigate, he "soon discovers that something very worrying is happening there and he must intervene to solve a problem of unimaginable scope."

The Land of the Seazogs features a very minimalist pixel art aesthetic that harkens back to 1980s, and its simple control scheme requires nothing more than the mouse to play, with "no extra keys or complex menus" to bother with. The gameplay, too, is decidely retro, offering a "classic" adventure experience that will see players "explore scenes, collect items and solve puzzles in order to progress." Don't let its cutesy presentation and elements of humour fool you, however, as the game also promises a "mysterious and tense atmosphere" in a sci-fi world filled with "stubborn robots, clones, virtual creatures, iconoclastic artists" and a story with "alternative readings and surprises" along the way.

Having been developed largely under the radar, the best news of all is that The Land of the Seazogs is nearly upon us, as it will soon be available on Steam for Windows and Mac.

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