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Neverout back in action with PlayStation 4 and VR ports

You've heard of thinking outside the box? Well, get ready to think inside the cube in Neverout, a Portal-esque puzzler that has just been ported to new platforms. 

As with the 1997 cult classic film Cube, in Neverout players awaken inside a "claustrophobic trap" that you'll need to escape. Even when you overcome the first obstacle, however, you'll find that this is just the first of more than 60 increasingly difficult room challenges standing in the way of your freedom. Players will encounter "numerous deadly obstacles, such as electric fields or spiked traps," and "just one small mistake" can prove fatal.

The game plays out in first-person 3D and has been designed for VR with "immersive and comfort modes included," though it can also be experienced on normal displays. In order to help you overcome your many trials, you will need to "use teleports, small moving cubes or even change the plane of movement which shifts gravity, causing the elements that are not fixed to the ground to fall." Quick reflexes won't hurt as you try to avoid being crushed or impaled, but ultimately success "all really depends on your wits and careful decisions."

Neverout was first released in May 2017 and has since been available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR, as well as a non-virtual reality version on Switch. Today, however, another port of the game is being released for PlayStation 4 and PSVR, with a single purchase unlocking your preference on either Sony console. 

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