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New horror adventure emerges from God’s Basement

Basements are often inherently scary things. They're dark, cluttered, and sometimes make weird, creepy sounds. But surely something called God's Basement couldn't be all that scary, right? Well, don't be so certain, as you can discover for yourselves in indie developer Erebus's recently-released first-person thriller.

This particular "God's Basement" is actually a very "specific version of the afterlife" and doesn't seem at all unnerving at first. You wake up in a "normal, almost monotonous office room, hearing the faint sound of a phone ringing in the next room." You have virtually no recollection of your life before this, but the man calling "introduces himself as The Operator, and gives you a set of instructions to follow." The deeper you explore at the caller's bequest, however, the more you discover the details of your life... as well as "the horrors associated with it."

Described as a "narrative-driven" horror game involving "puzzles and riddles with varying difficulty" to solve along the way, God's Basement allows players to roam freely through two central locations: a "modern office area and a house." Though you'll need to "fight the fear seeping into your mind as the horrors of the past come alive through the world around you," there are no survival or stealth elements involved, or any actual danger. Instead, the focus is on intense psychological terrors as you progress through these "fringes of a seemingly eternal purgatory." 

If you're ready to face what comes next, there's no need to wait, as God's Basement is available now on Steam for Windows PC. For additional details, check out the official website, which includes a lengthy gameplay video showing off the first part of the game. 

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