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Sol705 campaign

Future looking bright with first Utopia Syndrome details

Most adventure games (and games in general) settle for a single camera perspective to portray the action, but why stop at one when you can have two unique points of view? Indie developer Andrew Averkin certainly thinks so, as he plans to offer two ways to play his upcoming sci-fi adventure Utopia Syndrome.

While plot details are scarce so far, Utopia Syndrome tells the story of a young woman named Mia, who can’t remember much of her past except that as a little girl she was in “a weird place” and “doing terrible things to people.” Now that she’s older, however, fragments of memory are beginning to return and they’re deeply disturbing. As Mia, you must immerse yourself in the “dark corners of Utopia world to recall your past, present and future” in a haunting “intersection of destinies [and] mysterious parallel storylines.”

Promising an elemental blend of “horror, thriller, fantasy, investigation and world exploration,” each of Utopia Syndrome’s chapters will contain its “own unique story, characters, time, environments and atmosphere full of adventures, puzzles and quests.” The beautiful (if grim-looking) screenshots and various trailers show off one of the game’s primary perspectives, an isometric view more common to RPGs, but what we haven’t seen yet is the option for players to switch at any time to a more traditional third-person view. Despite the unorthodox presentation, gameplay will include typical genre fare, as you “click, read and interact, gather inventory items, notes and clues to solve puzzles to progress further.”

A professional 3D artist by trade, Averkin has been developing Utopia Syndrome for several years already, largely on his own, and is currently working on a demo. As he’ll need more help in future to complete the game, he is contemplating a Kickstarter or Early Access release so there is no target launch date at this point. You can follow its progress in the meantime through the official website and the developer’s blog.

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