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First details of Ghetto Conspiracy uncovered

Usually people aren't eager to spend much time in a ghetto, but an exception can certainly be made for a little point-and-click adventuring in indie developer Toro Games' upcoming Ghetto Conspiracy.

Players control a young wannabe-rapper named Lucas, who drinks too much at a party one night and awakens to find his friends Camille and Tony are missing. You soon discover that Camille has been taken by the local crime boss because of a debt you owe. But even that is nothing compared to "the terrible reptilian conspiracy" at play in the secret shadows of your little French hometown. 

Ghetto Conspiracy features a retro-styled, third-person pixel art presentation. Throughout the game you'll encounter a variety of inventory puzzles to solve, as well as some passwords to find and a number of Quick Time Events to complete. Unlike many of the genre classics that clearly inspired it, this game is more adult-oriented, with violence, gore, and more than a few curse words. Don't believe us? Check out the trailer!

There is no firm release date just yet, but the two-man team behind Ghetto Conspiracy are currently targeting completion in either March or April of 2019 for Windows and Mac, with possible mobile ports to follow. 

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