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Sol705 campaign

Playable demo attracting interest in Relicta

You can always count on gravity and magnetism to follow the laws of nature – at least until they don't, like in the upcoming indie Spanish first-person physics puzzler Relicta

Relicta is set more than a century into the future, when the discovery of "Y-Astra revolutionized science as we know it." An expedition sent to the lunar Chandra base "recorded mysterious gravitational and magnetic anomalies and focused all their resources on studying the phenomenon." Players step into the shoes of Angelica Patel, a "renowned scientist in charge of leading the expedition and studying the behaviour of the anomaly in different environments, while trying to unravel the secrets behind it." However, the stakes become much higher and more personal when your daughter arrives from Earth just as "an energy overload causes a massive power cut in most of the base." Now you must "break through the natural testing areas that are still in operation to reach the blocked sectors of the base and try to save her."

As you progress, terraformed "botanical, glacial, arid and tropical biomes await you with unique mechanics to test your skills." Fortunately, along with your wits you have a pair of special gloves that let you manipulate gravity and magnetism in order to "navigate the mind-bending experiments left behind by Aegir Labs." There is more to the story than simply trying to reach your daughter, however, as careful observation will help you "gather clues and unravel the intrigues of 22nd century orbital politics" that could just "change the fate of humanity forever."

The final release of Relicta won't be until sometime next year for PC and Xbox One, but those interested in checking out the sci-fi puzzler ahead of time can do so now, as a playable demo is already available. If you like what you see, you can support the game's campaign in the Square Enix Collective and follow its progress through the official website while you wait. 

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