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We Were Here series returns for second sequel

If there's one thing the We Were Here series has taught us so far, it's that if you're going to get hopelessly lost or trapped, it's always better to have a friend along to help get you out of it. That will be true once again soon enough, as the co-op puzzle franchise is returning with a new installment called We Were Here Together.

Following the free release of We Were Here and the first commercial sequel We Were Here Too, the new game follows the same general premise as its predecessors, though with some differences this time around. Once again, you and a partner find yourselves separated inside a "mysterious Antarctic citadel" called Castle Rock and will need to coordinate your escape by communicating via walkie-talkies. This time around, though, players will also get to experience a bit of life beyond the fortress walls, in both the "research base and icy wastes outside of the castle." 

As with the previous games, We Were Here Together is strictly a two-player, first-person co-op adventure that requires both participants to have a "working PC-compatible microphone and an internet connection." As each of you is trapped in a different part of the environment that the other cannot see, only through "observation, smart communication and teamwork" can you hope to overcome the "puzzles, secrets, and dangers" in your way. As you attempt to find a way out and uncover more of the backstory behind Castle Rock, you'll also need to contend with the antics of a mischievous (and malevolent) jester who delights in your predicament.

Although no firm release date has been set so far, We Were Here Together is currenly on track to launch on Windows, Mac and Linux early next year. And that may not be all, as further adventures are planned to bring players "more of the exploration and cooperative puzzle-solving" we've come to expect.

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