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Tango heating up for release later this year on PC

You really don't see the words "Tango" and "adventure" thrown together very often, but indie developer Gualicho Games is doing just that by delving into the history of the Argentine music and dance in the aptly titled Tango: The Adventure Game.

As its title suggests, the game explores the iconic Tango in a story experienced through the eyes of a fictional character who lived and worked in Buenos Aires during the 1930s. Players control a man named Carlos, who recounts his tale through flashback after escaping from prison in southern Argentina. Although told in an amusing way, events are based on actual scenarios in a tale that “mixes fiction with reality.”

Sporting charming 2D artwork that wouldn't look out of place in an Adult Swim series, Tango attempts to paint “a rich portrait of the dynamic music, dance, cinema, and lifestyle of Buenos Aires and Argentina during this important time in the country’s history through its humorous narrative, puzzles, and iconic soundtrack." Interaction looks to be traditional point-and-click, as demonstrated in the early gameplay footage released.

Handling distribution for Tango is Inca Games, a Spanish-speaking publisher who is eager to help introduce an international audience to the culture and history of Latin America. There isn’t too long to wait, either, as the game is due to hit PC on Steam later this year.

Details on Tango: The Adventure Game

Adventure games by Gualicho Games

Tango: The Adventure Game  2018

Set in 1930s Buenos Aires, the game tells a fictional story of the world’s most famous Tango singer, songwriter, and actor; and the history of the Argentine Tango.