Backwoods announces next Resort destination

After finishing off a grueling development cycle on their first game, you might think Backwoods Entertainment might just want to kick back at a resort for a while. Instead, the indie German developer has a whole other Resort in mind, as it's the title of their next interactive mystery.

Resort will star a famous writer named Laura Tanner, who finds herself on a "surreal journey" in which players will "face an odd intersection of dreams and reality." While story details are still sparse at this point, the experience is described as an "interactive mystery short story about emotions, introspection, and coping."

While Unforeseen Incidents was a full-scale adventure (and a very good one at that), the new game promises to be more of an "explorative, narrative experience focusing on story rather than puzzles." Fortunately, financing is not a concern this time, as the project is being co-funded by the Film- & Medienstiftung NRW and SpielFabrique.

No other details about Resort have yet been revealed, including release target or platfornms, but Backwoods intends to engage the adventure community more with regular updates on art, audio, and spoiler-free story design during production, so stay tuned for additional details in the coming months. 

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