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STONE preparing to drop this fall

The adventure genre is rife with brilliant mastermind detectives and grizzled hard-boiled detectives... and then there's the titular protagonist of Convict Games' upcoming "hip hop stoner noir" STONE.

More Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski than Sherlock Holmes, Stone is a "hungover koala detective" with a gruff but loveable personality, thick Aussie accent, Hawaiian shirt, pink flip flops, sunglasses, and bushy sideburns that would make Inherent Vice's Doc Sportello proud. He may not be in the greatest shape to solve a mystery (or do much of anything), but he'll need to summon all his leftover wits to scour Oldtown – a place "teeming with bars, clubs, theaters and more" – for clues when his "chookie" Alex is kidnapped. 

STONE is a free-roaming third-person adventure that promises (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) to tell a "deep, reference heavy, hip hop influenced interactive story never told." While exploring the colourful environments at your leisure, along the way you will meet "an eccentric cast of anthropomorphic characters and absolutely no frustratingly flow-killing esoteric puzzles." In interrogating the "menagerie of talking animals with bad attitudes and a deep repertoire of Australian slang," players can choose to take a "Hard-Ass" or "Soft Touch" approach (but we're guessing we know which Stone himself would pick). 

Despite the game's tagline, rap music isn't the only kind on offer here, as STONE will include a variety of "amazing licensed tracks from sick up and coming indie musicians" that range from hip hop and trap to stoner rock and heavy techno. There are numerous other optional activities to partake in as well, such as "dancing to brick-in-a-washing machine techno, drinking beer or cocktails, making beats, taking a smoke break" and even watching honest-to-goodness movies in-game, including the classic Night of the Living Dead

There is no firm target date on the calendar just yet for STONE, but the game is currently on track for release on Steam sometime later this year for Windows and Mac. 

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