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Vinylove now playing in Early Access for PC

Most people of a certain age fondly look back on their earlier years and reminisce about the music that accompanied their youthful life experiences. (And everyone younger than that is probably still experiencing them!) This blend of music and memories as at the heart of indie developer Space Banana Studio's Vinylove, which has just been released on Early Access.

Given its title, you can probably guess which era the game tends to focus on, although it's set in (relatively) modern day. The protagonist is a man named Alex, and the game represents a musical stroll down memory lane – albeit without actually leaving his room. It's the players job to scour Alex's abundant memorabilia in order to find ten special objects of importance to him and then the related song to play based on clues provided.

Vinylove is a first-person 3D adventure that allows for free player movement via keyboard (with mouse to interact). In its current state, you'll never have to move very far, though there's a possibility that the environment could expand in future. Its one-man developer is releasing the game on Early Access for six months in order to gather feedback and fine-tune the experience, but also to gauge interest in a larger version that tells "a full story." 

If the thought of a brief exploration of the "deep relationship between music and memories" sounds good to you – and particularly if names like Pink Floyd, Bowie and The Clash elicit a meaningful personal reaction – you can get your groove on now, as the game is available for Windows PC download on Steam and itch.io.

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