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Uventa admitted on Steam with Windows PC launch

Summer break for kids doesn't end for another week or so, but for horror fans it's back-to-school time already in indie developer BlackRat's newly-released Uventa.

Players assume the role of a night guard who finds himself entering a deserted school that represents the "spectre of the long-gone Soviet era." Rather than the sight of children and teachers and classes taking place, you'll find yourself plunged into "the abyss of strange and even eerie events, face to face with the unknown." Unravelling the nightmarish mystery of the school will require "cunning and smart actions," as you aren't alone in the dark.

That's really all we know about the plot, other than that it's purportedly based on real-world events. Described as a "psychological horror without 'screamers'," Uventa allows players to freely roam the school's dimly-lit rooms and hallways, interacting with the environment and solving puzzles on the way to an "unpredictable finale." Oh, and if the game's trailer is any indication, occasionally running like hell from danger. 

If you think you're up for this particularly haunting school test, you can get started right away, as Uventa is now available on Steam for Windows PC. 

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