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Three-part Museum exhibit currently under construction

Visiting a museum is a great way to get an intriguing glimpse into the past, but it's usually a rather passive experience. Wouldn't it be a little more interesting if only there some puzzles to solve? Well, indie developer Wreck Tangle Games certainly thinks so, as this is the premise of its upcoming "short puzzle game saga" appropriately called Museum

The game puts players in the first-person role of Todd, a security guard at the Royal Foyer Museum in England. Not the most attentive of employees, you doze off only to find when you awaken that "all the security cameras around the Museum have been powered off." Now it's up to you to "get the cameras back online and solve the mysteries surrounding the Museum."

Museum is being designed as a trilogy, with each part focusing on different sections of the building in which players can roam freely. The first Volume will "focus on exhibitions showcasing the greatest Ancient Civilisations in history, such as Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome and Aztec," including some of the most notable achievements of these cultures, such as Rome's Colosseum and the Egyptian pyramids. Instead of simply admiring the displays, however, here there will be puzzles "scattered around the exhibits, which in turn will follow a short story."

There is currently no specific timeframe for Museum's debut on Windows, Mac and Linux, but you can follow the game's development progress through the official website


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