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Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland closing in on 2018 release

You might think not much would matter when the end of the world as we know it is about to end, but in indie developer scriptwelder's upcoming Don't Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland, the very opposite is true – everything matters all the more, and it's up to you to navigate the neverending trials of a mid-apocalyptic world.

When the moon cracks in half following a "bizarre cataclysmic event," the Earth suffers devastating consequences as it hurtles towards the planet. Already it seems "everything is already dead or dying... except you" and a few other survivors. Facing a "bleak existence in the wastelands," you must now decide how best to overcome each day's obstacles, as every action you take uses up precious (simulated) time before sundown. The goal is simple – survive – and the choices are ever yours: will you "repair a bridge? Look for supplies? Travel to a distant location? Each will cost you some time, and when that runs out, it’s time to face the music and see if you planned appropriately, or if there’s going to be another body in the wasteland."

Despite the time management component, Don't Escape promises to deliver "old school point-and-click gameplay with logical puzzles." The presentation is decidedly retro as well, depicting a "creepy, desolate atmosphere" with classic-styled pixel art. Unlike most adventures, this game will include randomized events in each chapter, so you can't always anticipate the next challenge even on replay. Instead, you're left making the best choices you can at any given time, which will "determine whether you survive to see the next stage of the game."

4 Days in a Wasteland is actually the fourth installment in the Don't Escape series, the previous three being offered free and still available to play. This first commercial installment is currently on track for release on Windows and Mac sometime before the end of the year. To learn more about the game in the meantime, be sure to visit the official website.

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