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The Tower of Beatrice opens on Steam

Many fairy tales involve someone being held prisoner by a wicked witch or wizard, but in indie developer Fairy Forest's newly-released The Tower of Beatrice, you're a thief actually trying to break into the eponymous keep.

Under the orders of the "mysterious Unknown," players assume the role of a thief who must make their way into the "tower of the powerful sorcerer Beatrice, to steal her Recipes Book and to get out alive." Your heist won't be easy, however, as along the way you will need to enter a dream to discover the dreamer's "intimate desires" as well as "accept a knitted gift from the Granny Spider, start the Clock Tower, feed a snail, give a drink to a demon, make a cactus get drunk, collect a skeleton," and more if you're to capture your prize and escape.

The game plays out like a first-person slideshow adventure as you traverse the tower's six floors, "each one with its own atmosphere and mood." As you progress, you will encounter a variety of "surprising and charming residents of the Tower: demons of Fire, Cold and Dream, Iron Maiden and Hungry Chest," to name just a few. Players must contend with alchemy and recipes in solving a wide range of puzzles from "simple to brain wrecking." While not an essential component of success, there are also "a lot of allusions to famous games, movies and books" for players to try to spot. 

If you're eager to get your sticky hands on The Tower of Beatrice, there's no need to wait, as the game is available now on Steam for Windows PC. To help you decide, or provide assistance to any players who get stuck, be sure to check out Gamewalker's video walkthrough of the game. 

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