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First details turn up for Flipping Filip

The biggest challenge facing many superheroes doesn't actually seem to be the evil foes they encounter, but rather how best to reconcile their superpowered identities with their mild-mannered concealed personas. This is especially true for the titular star of Deedema Games's upcoming Flipping Filip

Filip is about the least superheroic guy imaginable. He's a loner who works in the archives department of a major company where "he busies himself every day with sorting, relocating, or shredding the files." He's a "depressed middle-aged man" who values his solitude, but he has a major problem: whenever he sneezes, he turns into his exact opposite, the "lively and happy" superhero Pilif. Unexpectedly falling in love with Alix brings new troubles, as Pilif begins ruining Filip's awkward attempts to develop a relationship with her. At first all Filip wants is to find a way to rid himself of his counterpart, but soon the two must learn to work together to save Alix when she is kidnapped by Pilif's nemesis Xila.

As displayed in its charming debut trailer, the side-scrolling keyboard or gamepad-controlled Flipping Filip is a highly-stylized 2D puzzle adventure with fully hand-drawn animations. As players undertake the challenge of rescuing Alix from the clutches of Xila, they will not only need to overcome obstacles as Filip, but make strategic use of the ability to transform into Pilif in order to "use the advantages of his superhero abilities in solving puzzles.

The plan is to release Flipping Filip on Windows, Mac, Linux and all major consoles, but the developer's first order of business is to seek out public feedback and support through its Square Enix Collective before the campaign ends on July 15th. 

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