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FAR: Lone Sails breezes onto PC

Most adventures involve a lot of legwork, but in indie Swiss studio Okomotive's newly-released FAR: The Lone Sails, your steampunk-style vehicle will do most of the work... assuming you can keep it running and the path free of obstacles.

FAR: The Lone Sails is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is "largely devoid of life, yet filled with places to explore and history to discover." With the seas dried up, "what once was the bottom of an ocean has turned into a graveyard for submarines and super tankers. Once bustling island settlements have decayed into hilltop ruins." Players assume the role of a woman named Lone, who, as her name suggests, is indeed the "last person left behind in a broken world." With your past now "buried beneath sand and rubble...your only hope is a peculiar train-like vehicle, whose best days have been washed away with the disappearing tides." Aboard this unique craft, you must now traverse the "desolate dried-out seabed, follow the trails of your people and find relics and buildings that tell the story of a civilization on the run." 

With a heavy focus on atmosphere, the side-scrolling FAR is presented in striking, near-monochromatic hand-painted graphics that perfectly suit the grim future of a barren but eerily beautiful landscape. But this is not simply a scenic joyride, as you will be required to "maintain and upgrade your vehicle to overcome numerous obstacles and natural hazards." Getting out at various stops along the way, you will need to salvage parts, top up your fuel, and overcome any hurdles that literally stand in your way. This involves some light puzzle-solving, though the gameplay is designed to be intuitive, with "no complicated inventories or complex key combos...necessary to get going."

If you're all set to embark on just such a voyage, there's no need to wait, as FAR: The Lone Sails is available now on GOG.com, Steam and the Humble Store for Windows and Mac. Console owners will have to hold on a little longer, but the game is due to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One later this year. To learn more about it, you can find additional details at the official website.

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