Golem nearly ready to spring to life on PC

Golems tend to be depicted as lumbering, often hostile creatures, but fortunately the star of Longbow Games' upcoming Golem is both friendly and useful in overcoming the many environmental obstacles standing in the way.

The golem is just one of two playable protagonists traversing the ruins of an ancient tower. The other is a girl from the village below, whose job it is to "trek to-and-from the tower to collect what little water bubbled up from the ground." Her daily routine changes drastically, however, when she discovers "a glowing orb beneath the puddles and the hidden tower door ajar for the first time in centuries." Now, together the two unlikely companions must explore the tower to "solve its challenging puzzles and re-activate its long-dormant machines."

Presented like a side-scrolling platformer, Golem will take players through "10 expansive levels, from caverns deep below the tower to the windswept turrets perched about the surrounding desert." Rather than primarily testing physical dexterity, however, the game focuses on puzzle-solving that requires using both characters strategically. Adding variety to the gameplay, the golem proves to a "shape-shifter" who evolves five times over the course of the game to "allow players new abilities to solve puzzles." 

There isn't long to wait for Golem to come to life, as the game is currently scheduled for release on Steam for Windows PC on May 29th.

Adventure games by Longbow Games

Golem  2018

Control a young girl and a shape-shifting golem as they traverse the ruins of an ancient tower to solve its challenging puzzles and re-activate its long-dormant machines.

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