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Path to Mnemosyne leads to launch on PC

Those who played last year's masterful Gorogoa got a taste of how zooming from one scene to another could lead to countless possibilities. Now indie Spanish developer DevilishGames aims to ramp up that mechanic significantly in its newly-released puzzler Path to Mnemosyne.

Players control a young girl who has lost her memories and must now traverse a mysterious path of the mind in order to recover them, solving "dozens of imaginative puzzles" along the way. Really that's about it for story in a game whose "minimalist script" is intended to keep players guessing throughout a "bizarre and memorable gameplay experience."

While the premise may not sound all that unique, the presentation certainly is. Depicted largely in hand-drawn black-and-white graphics, the game sees players moving the protagonist away from the camera via the "infinite zoom" feature that leads from one scene to the next, the path offering labyrinthine branches at each rotating stop along the way. The "disturbing graphics and sound" promise to create an atmosphere that "plays with your senses," while dozens of "challenging puzzles" belie the simple navigational control. 

Originally conceived as an "experimental project for PC," positive early feedback to the game led the developer to team up with publisher Hidden Trap to port Path to Mnemosyne to consoles as well. The PC version is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac, with console ports for the PS4, Switch and Xbox One to follow. 

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