Without Escape finds way onto Windows, Mac and Linux

It's hard enough facing the challenges of one's home being turned into a hellish nightmare without having to fiddle with first-person 3D keyboard controls. At least, so indie developer Bumpy Trail Games thought in releasing their surreal new slideshow-styled adventure, Without Escape.

It all starts out innocently enough. You return home one cold winter's night and climb snugly into bed, only to be awoken at 2:45 a.m. by "strange noises." This is no stray cat or even burglar, however, but the start of a "nightmarish web of stone, flesh, and flame." Discovering your house mysteriously transformed, you must now "investigate gruesome, unearthly events that have begun to manifest." Your only hope of escape is to "explore the confines of your own home as you flip between a mundane existence and a horrifying otherworld."

Unlike many newer first-person games that have gone the full free-roaming 3D route, Without Escape "harkens back to first-person graphic adventures of the early ‘90s, which relied on pre-rendered backgrounds and full-motion video to tell interactive stories." The simple point-and-click mechanics belie a devious challenge, however, as you must expect to "overcome enigmatic puzzles that will test your wits" on your way to one of the game's multiple endings.

If you're up for a little old-school investigating, you can get started right away, as Without Escape is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux on both Steam and itch.io. If you're still not sold, you can always try before you buy, as a playable demo is also available on both platforms.

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Without Escape  2018

Awaking suddenly from sleep to find your house mysterious transformed, you must explore the confines of your own home as you flip between a mundane existence and a horrifying otherworld of stone, flesh, and flame.