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Sol705 campaign

The Idiot’s Tale being told on Steam

Adventure games aren't for dummies, so you're going to need to be a whole lot smarter than the protagonist of Megalithic Mainframe's The Idiot's Tale, a new point-and-click comic fantasy adventure now available for download. 

The eponymous idiot is Sir Jimothy Quest, a "noble-but-ignorant knight-errant in the medieval kingdom of Dodotry." Together with his trusty owl sidekick Hoover, this unlikely hero must "venture across the land in search of legendary lost treasures. Along the way, you'll encounter fearsome monsters, classic fairy tale characters, corporate fast food, and more puzzles than you can shake your cursor at."

If the idea of lost treasures, knightly heroes and hooting companions sounds more than a little King's Quest-ish, the similarity is entirely intentional, as the indie developers describe The Idiot's Tale as "a loving tribute to classic LucasArts and Sierra adventure games." The game features an original jazz soundtrack and distinctive 2D hand-drawn art style, the lead character a stick man having a suitably idiotic appearance. Sir Jimothy is clearly going to need plenty of help if he's to overcome the "dozens of brain-twisting puzzles" with "guaranteed head-scratchers, hair-pullers, and nail-biters included," though if players need a nudge of their own, a "built-in, guilt-free hint system" should get you back up and adventuring. 

If you're up for a game with a "truly warped sense of humor" that aims to "recapture just a bit of the magic of sitting down to puzzle your way through a tough, zany adventure game," then your quest can begin right away, as The Idiot's Tale is available now to download on Steam for Windows PC, and is coming soon to mobile devices.

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