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Moon Castle set to rise this summer

Getting trapped in an abandoned old castle may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but it is when solving puzzles is the only means of escape, like in indie developer Pim Nijdam's upcoming Moon Castle.

After wandering around the great outdoors for some time, players will eventually find themselves inside the titular "mysterious old castle", trapped inside a circular room that seems impossible to escape. Like any good adventurer, you'll ultimately succeed in overcoming this first obstacle, but "when you do, you will find yourself in even deeper trouble."

That's it for story details, but like any good Myst-style adventure, the experience is less about plot and more about exploration, puzzle-solving and discovery along the way. Inspired by Cyan's classics, Moon Castle is similarly played in first-person perspective, allowing full 3D freedom of movement like the more recent Obduction rather than the earlier slideshow point-and-clicks. The first screenshots and trailer show off some of the more fantastical environments you'll encounter, along with a few of the unusual contraptions that populate them.

With production well along, there are less than two more moon revolutions before the game is upon us, as Moon Castle is currently scheduled to release on Steam for Windows PC on August 1st.

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