Solas and the White Winter springs onto Steam

Many of us may be ready to kiss the cold and snow goodbye for the year, but not so fast, as Solas and the White Winter has just arrived.

Set in Celtic Irish times, Solas and the White Winter tells the story of the eponymous young heroine who has only memories of her family and a "burning desire" to see them again. If she's to do that, however, she must set out on a "journey through the harsh unrelenting winter" in order to "unlock the seals to her tribe's temple to put right the wrongs of her family's past." 

As teased in the game's trailer, the "dark story" uncovered here is "conveyed entirely through gameplay, storybook sections and the environment." In guiding the protagonist through her ordeals, players will need to "traverse treacherous snowy landscapes, navigate various traps and hazards, solve cryptic environmental puzzles, and piece together the tale of hardship behind Solas and her family." There is some inherent danger at times, but Iindie Dublin-based developer Savepoint Studios claim that the obstacles aren't meant to be tests of reflexes, but rather keeping cool in problem-solving under pressure.

Production of Solas and the White Winter has been quietly ongoing  for some time now, which means that we don't have any longer to wait, as the game is now available for download on Steam for Windows PC.

Details on Solas and the White Winter

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Solas and the White Winter  2018

In an ancient Celtic landscape, Solas must journey through the harsh unrelenting winter, and unlock the seals to her tribe’s temple to put right the wrongs of her family’s past.

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