Snail Trek boldly slithers onto Steam

It takes snails a long time to get anywhere, so imagine how long it'd take them to travel through space and find a new home world! And even when they arrive it'd be no walk in the park, as you can discover for yourselves in the now-complete four-part series of "20 minute adventures" known as Snail Trek

Snail Trek stars an intrepid crew of snails who hope to colonize what they believe is a new "lettuce-covered" planet. That's not going to be easy, however, when they realize that damage to their ship is preventing them from landing. Naturally they'll overcome this obstacle with a little gastropod ingenuity, but this is just the start of their misadventures. Assuming control of one or more molluscs, it'll be up to you to help them survive the challenges on this alien world, but "with the odds against you and your crew, will you be able to use your wit and grit to persevere and find safety? And will you solve the mysteries behind your predicament and what it means for your civilization?"

One look at the game's screenshots is like a blast of very intentional nostalgia, as Snail Trek is designed in the style of the early Sierra adventures, right down to the "colorful EGA-ish graphics and a text parser interface." There are more than a few modern conveniences, however, including auto-suggest and auto-correct features for the text parser, and a widescreen display. There are deaths, as you'd expect, but autosaves will record your progress and there are no dead ends to worry about here, as you are encouraged to "puzzle your way around with impunity!" At times throughout the series, the only way to succeed is by working together, switching between characters as you go.

Created by indie developer Phil Fortier, these bite-sized episodes began releasing on Steam for Windows PC late last year, but with the recent launch of the final installment, the "quadrilogy" is now complete. You can purchase the episodes individually or as part of the Snail Trek Collection with all four games included. To learn more about the series and read up on the developer's next project, Cascade Quest, be sure to check out the official website.