Helping Frankestein comes to life on mobile devices

Frankenstein lives again! Or at least, he will if you're able to play your part of able assistant in Peeking Peacock's newly-released mobile exclusive Helping Frankenstein

The story is not quite as Mary Shelley first imagined it. Players assume the hunchbacked role of Igor, who arrives from his previous job (which "ended quite abruptly at the hands of an angry mob with wooden stakes") to assist the young Ms. Frankenstein in her latest experiment. Naturally, the "church is not so keen on this 'bring-people-back-to-life-thing' and will try to stop you with all means necessary." You'll also need to contend with local law enforcement and others who try to "get in your way, or maybe help you out, as you progress towards your goal."

The game features the same hand-drawn cartoon-style graphics as the indie Swedish developer's previous game (The Man from Hmmbridge), promising traditional point-and-tap gameplay throughout, with some self-described "poor attempts at humour" along the way. As reflected in its budget price, Helping Frankenstein isn't intended to be a substantial adventure, but rather has been designed for easily jumping in and out of in short bursts on the go, or played all at once in a single longer sitting. 

To help piece Frankenstein's monster together yourself, you can do so now on either iOS or Android devices. 

Details on Helping Frankenstein

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