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Sol705 campaign

Prepare to have your Headspun

Do you ever get the feeling that different sides of your personality are wrestling for control within you? Well, in Superstring's Headspun, a unique FMV/adventure hybrid due out later this year, that concept will take on a very literal interpretation.

Headspun takes place entirely within "the world of Theo Kavinsky's broken brain" when Theo awakens from a five-week coma with no recollection of the car accident that damaged his parietal lobe. Players control Ted, the Director of Cortex, representing the "rational, intelligent voice in Theo's head." But yours isn't the only voice making itself heard, as Teddy is the "primal, emotional subconscious voice" with an opposing view of what's best for Theo. If you're ever to repair the Cortex and discover what actually happened on the night of Theo's accident, the two of you will need to learn to set aside your differences in this game about "recovery, discovery, and the ongoing battle between logic and emotion."

The presentation features a unique blend of traditional point-and-click adventure mechanics and integrated live-action sequences shot by Pinyata Film on location at Rodwell House, a working hospice in the UK. It's not entirely clear what the gameplay will involve, but "the staff of Cortex watch Theo's life unfold from the eyeScreen behind his eyes, making decisions on his behalf and running the day-to-day cognitive operations which define Theo as a person." This will include an element of resource management, as players must acculumate "Grey Matter" and "earn Neuros to hire staff and commission renovations" in order to rebuild the Cortex to full working order. Player choice will also play a part, as the branching dialogue allows for different outcomes to your interactions. 

There is no firm launch date set for Headspun just yet, but the game is getting close on Windows and Mac, perhaps as early as late September. To help you wrap both parts of your brain around the idea while you wait, the official website offers additional details.

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