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Supposedly Wonderful Future is nearly upon us

Imagine a near-utopian world 30 years from now, when death has become virtually non-existent. And now imagine that you're not going to live to see the day unless you undertake some particular tasks for a mysterious corporation. How far would you go to ensure your own immortality? You'll get to find out in indie Russian developer Dmitry Zagumennov's upcoming visual novel-style sci-fi adventure, Supposedly Wonderful Future.

Players control a man named Michael, a "bright twenty-something destined to meet his end before the wonders of science can save him." At least, so he believes until "an unlikely visitor appears, [claiming] that she has traveled back in time, and that Michael can join them in the future – if only he does some work first." Across five separate chapters, each representing a new job required of Michael by his visitor's corporation, players will engage in a variety of objectives, some of which are "small and personal (dealing with their employees' personal troubles or some other social/humanitarian work they do), [while] some feel more far-reaching (dealing with unique and sensitive situations they find themselves in)." The tasks may be different, but they have one thing in common: "all of them represent some troublesome aspect of the future, and are used to depict a world that, although optimistic, is far from ideal."

Described by Zagumennov as "a story-focused experience that plays like a point-and-click adventure, reads like an RPG, and feels like a visual novel," Supposedly Wonderful Future allows players to click on environmental hotspots for commentary, but much of the game (approximately 70-80%) will be spent in conversation with the characters you meet. It is here where you'll encounter some light dialogue-based puzzling, and player choice will play a significant role in how the story plays out based on the conversation options you select. The extensive script ranges from "silly comedic parts [to] more heavy dramatic parts that touch on topics like depression, escapism, and illness." In total, the game should provide between 4-8 hours of play time depending on just how thorough each player wishes to be.

A solo creation that's been in the works for four years, the time is nearly here for Supposedly Wonderful Future, as the game is due to arrive on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on April 18th. 

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