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Primordia developers unveil next destination: Strangeland

The adventure genre sure is becoming a strange place. First Life Is Strange takes us all by storm, and now indie developer Wormwood Studios aims to follow up its impressive sci-fi debut Primordia with a surreal new point-and-click adventure, Strangeland.

We know very little about the story so far, but the premise certainly paints a macabre picture:

A man awakes in an otherworldly carnival and watches a gold-haired woman hurl herself down a bottomless well for his sake. He seeks empty answers from mocking ravens, an eyeless scribe, a living furnace, a mismade mermaid, and many more who dwell within the park. All the while, something awful screeches from the top of a towering roller-coaster, and he knows that until he destroys this Dark Thing, the woman will keep jumping, falling, and dying, over and over again ....

Though the setting may be distinctly different, the enticing first screenshots and trailer for Strangeland show off a similar kind of retro-styled pixel art style with a gritty look and muted palette as its predecessor. The project was originally intended to be a "quilt-like game from the scraps of other projects, ongoing and abandoned" that would be narratively bound by the developers' own "various still-raw personal tragedies." Needless to say, their ambition soon expanded exponentially, though the game still promises to be "a smaller game than Primordia" overall.

Strangeland  will be available on Windows PC, though Wormwood is also hoping to release the game on Mac and Linux, and possibly even iOS platforms. There is currently no firm launch date, but with the developers "nearly done" production and beginning to seek out distribution options, if all goes well we could be seeing the game sometime before the end of the year.

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