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Innocent VR released on Steam

As gamers we are used to picking up the pieces of a post-apocalyptic world, but what if we could save humanity in the midst of its cataclysmic destruction? Virtual reality players now have the opportunity to do just that – at least in part – thanks to the launch of Innocent VR on HTC Vive.

Innocent VR is set in the year 2218, when the planet has been "devastated by natural disaster caused by excessive logging and destruction of natural resources." Compounding the problem is the outbreak of viral diseases that have "filled every corner of the world with raging mutated creatures," the most lethal of which causes its victims to "carbonize from the inside out without ever rotting." The situation sounds hopeless, and indeed it is incredibly dire, as "in the face of catastrophe, you alone bear the responsibility of saving mankind." So no pressure, as you "embark on an adventure filled with challenging puzzles to solve, avoiding crisis and solving the riddle of this carbonation while unlocking the mystery of these natural disasters."

Created exclusively for virtual reality by Nuclear Studio, a subsidiary of Chinese publisher NineD Digital, Innocent VR promises a realistic AAA-level presentation of "grand scenic horizons, including snowy landscapes, incredible mountains, and karst caves" to be navigated with user-friendly hand tracking controls. While a world populated by savage mutants may sound like the setup to an action game, instead this is an adventure "designed for the core puzzle solving gamer." Solving the many "complicated puzzles and traps will require both intelligence and courage," but helping you in your quest is "Blue Butterfly Time,"  a skill you'll acquire that enables you to slow time around you, "unlocking possibilities that would otherwise not exist."

There's no time to waste for would-be planet savers (at least those equipped with Vive headsets), but fortunately there's no need to wait as Innocent VR is available now on Steam

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