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Repentant humbly unveiled for spring release

In 2017, Little Kite introduced players to a young woman and her son as they attempt to deal with life in an abusive household. For the sequel, you'd be forgiven for expecting one of those characters to be the playable protagonist. Instead, it's the abusive husband and stepfather who steps into the lead role of Anate Studio's Repentant

Prior familiarity with Little Kite won't be necessary, as this independent story is set seven years after the events of the original game. Oliver is now suffering "pangs of conscience because of his behavior in the past," both because his actions have left him all alone, and because he's still obliged to engage in criminal activity. Life seems bleak, but there may be hope yet if he's willing to change his ways, as Oliver encounters "a chance to atone for his sins by helping another person." 

The entire game takes place at a small convenience store containing three characters, including Oliver, the shopkeeper, and "the girl who decided to rob the store under the pressure of severe life circumstances." Repentant will feature a simple point-and-click interface and a variety of puzzles to solve, many of which involve the collection and correct use of inventory. The first screenshots and gameplay trailer display the same detailed hand-painted artwork as its predecessor, with an appropriately muted colour palette for such a grim scenario between people who have fallen on hard times. 

There is currently no firm release date yet for Repentant, but the indie Ukrainian developer is hoping to complete the game for Windows and Mac by the end of spring. In the meantime, you can learn more about it through the official website.

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I thought Little Kite worked really well as a stand-alone game but if the sequel is up to the same thoughtfulness of that I look forward to it!

Feb 24, 2018
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