Silent Descent lands on Windows PC

Life can be hell, but sometimes the afterlife can be worse. At least, it is for the protagonist of Deceptive Games' recently-released Silent Descent, a man accused of killing his wife who then committed suicide and is now destined to live out eternity trapped in his own personal purgatory.  

Samuel Harris was arrested for his wife's murder when police found him "huddled over her corpse whimpering strange inaudible words." All available clues pointed to his guilt, but before he could be tried, Samuel hanged himself in his cell. Now, forever caught in "the space between Heaven and Hell," Samuel is cursed to roam "in an endless loop of anguish, pain and suffering" as penance for the sins he committed while he was alive. But is this really Samuel's ultimate fate, or "can you find a way to save a tormented man's soul?"

Presented in first-person 3D, players are able to freely move about the game's "twisted" environs from Samuel's life, collecting useful items along the way that will aid in progression. Inspired in part by the Silent Hill series, Silent Descent does feature a horrific and potentially deadly enemy, but the developer's goal is to create a "psychological horror experience" so the primary gameplay focus is on exploration and puzzle-solving rather than action and survival elements. 

Having spent more than a year being refined in Early Access, the finished version of Silent Descent is available now exclusively for Windows PC on Steam

Details on Silent Descent

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