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The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest to become reality this spring

After rattling gamers' nerves with the horror adventure Enola back in 2014, now The Domaginarium is turning its sights to the fantasy genre with their upcoming release – although The Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest will not be without a little haunting atmosphere of its own along the way.

The game stars a young woman named Aisling, whose life has been "abruptly turned upside down by a terrible event." This opened the door for a mysterious being called The Mourner to transport her to the titular world "shaped by her memories, dreams and nightmares." Here The Gloom is spreading its darkness, "covering and corrupting the land," and only Aisling can stop it. To succeed she must seek out three hidden treasures, but in the process Aisling will also be forced to confront her fears and guilt. 

Really that's all we know about the story so far, but rather than shape this into a pure horror tale, this time the indie developers from El Salvador promise a blend of "psychological, mystery and fantasy elements" throughout. As displayed in the first screenshots and announcement trailer, The Dreamlands is a first-person, slideshow-style adventure covering a variety of locations based on the heroine's own subconscious, balancing traditional point-and-click mechanics and puzzles with a user-friendly hint feature if needed.

The Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest will debut on Windows and Mac as early as the second quarter of this year, with as-yet-undisclosed other platforms planned for later on. To follow its progress in the final months before release, you can learn more through the game's official website.

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