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Madness of the Architect spreading on Steam

Normally we equate architects with grand structures that skillfully blend science and art. But what if an architect devoted his or her skills to constructing a labyrinthine horror of puzzles instead? That question is no longer entirely theoretical thanks to the recent release of Madness of the Architect.

In the role of the game's unseen protagonist, you will find yourself thrust deep into a dark and creepy maze devised solely for you. Armed only with a flashlight and your wits, and guided by blood-red cryptic messages scrawled on the floor, you must "follow the clues, pull levers, find items, avoid sliding doors, and much more" if you're to "uncover the identity of the mysterious Architect who created this world" and escape.

Created by Podunk Studioz and published by Funbox Media, Madness of the Architect cites games like Myst and 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors as inspirations, though there are as many differences from those games as there are similarities. If you're the sort of directionally-challenged gamer that thinks all mazes are inherently horrifying, you'll want to steer clear! Presented in first-person, players will freely roam the ever-twisting, darkened 3D corridors and rooms in search of a way out, overcoming the numerous environmental obstacles in your path along the way.

Budget-priced and released exclusively for Windows PC, Madness of the Architect is available now on Steam.

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